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Latihan English Speaking dengan Menjawab Pertanyaan | Les Privat Bahasa Inggris TOEFL, IELTS, English Conversation Guru ke Rumah Biaya Murah di Jakarta Bogor Depok Tangerang Bekasi

March 1, 2021 557

Pandemi gini adalah waktu yang bagus untuk upgrade skill bahasa Inggris kamu. Terutama dibagian speaking. Banyak orang yang sangat tidak percaya diri untuk mengungkapkan ide atau pendapatnya dalam bahasa Inggris karena takut salah, takut di judge, dsb. Yuk, belajar speaking bahasa Inggris dengan menjawab beberapa pertanyaan berikut:

  1. How do you interpret your dreams? Do you think they come from God or an external force? Or is it your brain just regurgitating your thoughts, feelings and memories?

  2. Have you ever gone to a psychic or fortune teller?
    a. If so, how did it go?

  3. Do you believe in horoscopes/zodiacs?
    a. If so, which sign are you and why?
    b. If not, then why?
  4. Does your star sign describe your personality traits well?

    les privat english conversation guru ke rumah di Jakarta bogor depok tangerang bekasi biaya termurah
  5. Do you think ghosts or spirits are real?
  6. Can you recall any strange or unexplained events in your life?

  7. Do you believe your ancestors are watching you?
  8. Do you believe that there are many things in our universe that cannot be explained? Give examples.
  9. Can you give an example of a superstition from your country?

  10. What is your blood type?

  11. Do you believe that you can tell a lot about a person from his/her blood type?

  12. Do you believe that blood types can tell what a person's personality?
  13. Do you think aliens are real?

  14. If reincarnation was real, what/who would you be in your next life?

  15. Where is the scariest place in your country? Why?

  16. Which type of mythology interests you the most? Greek? Roman? Chinese? etc.

  17. If aliens are real, do you think they are monsters or evil beings like in sci-fi movies?

  18. Do you believe in vampires? (Do you believe that vampires exist?)

  19. Do you believe in mermaids?

  20. Do you believe that zombies exist?

    Les privat TOEFL, IELTS, SBMPTN Bahasa Inggris, English conversation di Jakarta Barat
  21. Do you think we’re alone in the universe? (As a species or as a habitable planet with life)

  22. Have you ever had a dream that has come true?

  23. How do people predict the future in your country? Statistics and data? Or visions?

  24. Do you think that there is truth behind superstitions?

  25. If aliens came down to earth, what do you think would be a difficult concept to explain to them?
    a. E.g. War, trying to stay fit (workouts), keeping animals as pets, humor/comedy/

  26. Do you have a favorite movie that is related to these types of things?
    Sci-fi/vampire/mermaid/horror etc.

  27. Do you have a favorite TV show that is related to these types of things?
    Sci-fi/vampire/mermaid/horror etc.

  28. Can you recall any strange or unexplained events in your life?

  29. What are some things that are considered unlucky in your country?

  30. What are some things that are considered lucky in your country ?

  31. If you watch a scary movie, do you still get scared afterwards when you go to the bathroom or go to bed? Or do you easily let it go?

  32. There’s a Malaysian comedian who said that there are two types of Asian people. Either you have personally encountered a ghost or you know someone personally who has encountered a ghost. Do you think this is true, at least for you?

  33. Do you know someone who dedicates their lives to such things?
    Such as tarot reading, fortune telling, ghost-hunting, exorcisms, bringing good/bad weather, searching for extraterrestrial life.

    les privat bahasa inggris SMA, TOEFL, IELTS, SBMPTN guru ke rumah biaya termurah

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