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Apa itu Adverbs of Degree (Kata Keterangan Tingkatan)?

Dec. 26, 2019 1220

1. So & Such 

Berikut adalah pola penggunaan 'so' & 'such' (keduanya berarti 'sangat' dan merupakan sinonim 'very')

  • So + adjective
  • Such + noun
  • So + adverb of manner 

Contoh kalimat : 

  • The boy is so clever.
  • He is such a clever boy.
  • He always speaks so cleverly.

Berikut adalah penggunaan 'so/such...that...' (artinya 'sedemikian...sehingga....) : 

  • So + adjective + that
  • Such + noun + that

Contoh Kalimat :

  • He is so clever that he always gets good grades.
  • He is  such a clever boy that he always gets good grades.


2. Quite

Bisa berarti 'lumayan' atau 'memang sungguh', tergantung kata yang mengikuti sbb:

  • It is quite good. ---> lumayan bagus
  • It is quite right. ---> memang sungguh benar

3. Pretty

Pretty merupakan bentuk informal dari 'quite' dengan perbedaan pola pemakaian sbb:

  • She has quite a good job.
  • She has a pretty good job.


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Have a go!

Put in "so / such / such a"

1. It's difficult to understand him because he speaks ........ quietly.

2. I like Liz and Joe. They're ........ nice people.

3. It was a great holiday. We had ........ good time.

4. I was surprised that he looked ........ well after his recent illness.

5. It was ........ boring film that I fell asleep while I was watching it.

Have another round!

Complete the sentences using "so...that" or "such(a)...that"

1. The bag was .... heavy .... she had to put it down.

2. It was .... cold weather .... we had to wear a jacket.

3. Your dog is .... fierce .... nobody wants to get near it.

4. The bus was .... slow .... I was late.

5. This is .... sharp knife .... it can cut bone easily. 

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